Yotsuba & Mary S. Young Park

Yotsuba & Mary S. Young Park

This latest installment of Yotsuba Travels is a quick one!


The other day, we went to Mary S. Young Park for a morning hike. I’d never been, but my husband, who grew up in the area, used to go frequently as a child. It was really nice! The park is 128 acres – definitely big enough to forget that you’re basically in the city – and offered plenty of trails, as well as beaches along the Willamette River. We walked around Cedar Island, which was more difficult than expected because the beach was so rocky. Fortunately, nobody sprained an ankle! It was a lovely walk – quiet and peaceful – and on the hike back to the  back to the parking lot we passed lots of people bringing beach chairs and picnics to spend the afternoon at water. After spending the morning hiking, I saw them and was like…



It’s true

We had a great time and will definitely go back to explore some more!


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